• Faux Leather vs Pu Leather

    Faux Leather vs Pu Leather
    Faux Leather also known as synthetic Leather was emanated in 1920 with the invention of Naugahyde. This leather is really soft, impermeable, and is low maintenance. It is also immune to abrasion and hence, its use is highly suitable in upholstery in homes with kids and pets.The leather is mostly used in the production of upholstery, accessories and apparel. PU Leather is a split...
  • Fall 2022 Trends

    Fall 2022 Trends
    There are many new bag styles and silhouettes but there are a couple that commit to memory and will make their return this fall. Crescent bags have been taking the floor recently with their unique, curved body and metal handles. New takes can be seen on the big bag trend with the debut of XXL Totes. Side by side, microbags have their own hype...
  • What is Suede?

    What is Suede?
    Suede Leather is a high quality established product with a great reputation mainly used in the production of prime clothing, bags,shoes, curtains etc. Suede Leather has a soft and furry texture and the suede side of the leather looks and feels like densely packed short hair which feels incredible. Suede leather often derives from sheep, deer, goats etc. The leather is highly popular because...
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