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A few years ago, women were perceived to perform household duties only and a working woman was taken as a joke. A sad reality is, there are still a few people who are of the same notion even in this century.
This brand belongs to two well-bonded, immensely cultured housewives, who love to look after their families and like any other traditional woman, are expected to be an expert in their duties After coming across the brutal reality of society, they decided to introduce a new norm in Pakistan, to show the world that housewives are capable of accomplishing all their beautiful dreams in this digital era.

The brand Parchaé has a vision of making the concept of “working woman” a norm by setting an example and inspiring other women through the brand. The two sisters are operating the business digitally. The brand has a mission of making women believe that housewives are the strongest women on planet Earth as we have a full-time job and yet we manage to stand on our feet by supporting ourselves financially and emotionally Parchaé believes that “Humanity ends only when it’s ended from within”, so let’s support each other and stand together. The world is ours!
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