Faux Leather vs Pu Leather

Faux Leather also known as synthetic Leather was emanated in 1920 with the invention of Naugahyde. This leather is really soft, impermeable, and is low maintenance. It is also immune to abrasion and hence, its use is highly suitable in upholstery in homes with kids and pets.The leather is mostly used in the production of upholstery, accessories and apparel. PU Leather is a split leather that is veneered with a polyurethane coating to make it look like top grain leather. PU leather is well liked because of its low price and the fact that it doesn’t use animal skin.The leather has a glossy surface giving it an antique look, it is water resistant and since it is made from a plastic polymer, it can be recycled. This product is commonly utilized in making jackets, bags, furniture etc
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